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Spend Management Consulting

Preis Consulting seeks to achieve reduced costs, increase operational efficiency, and positively contribute to the growth of your business.


See what a top-notch procurement process can do for your business.

Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Preis Consulting will help you optimize your spend. Whether you need to do a full, comprehensive review of your spend, or focus solely on one area, we offer a solution that is right for your business.

Process Efficiency

Spend Benchmarking

Supplier Review

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Spend Optimization



Procedure Creation

Department Building

Why is a strong procurement
process important?

The digital transformation rate in procurement is expected to reach 72% by 2025. 

80% of Chief Experience Officers (CXOs) said that procurement has made strategically valuable contributions. 

59% of procurement leaders have reported that they have a high impact on their company’s sustainability agendas.


Why Preis Consulting?

I am a process improver, driver of change, and a guy who is always thinking outside the box with a focus on the end result.
I get things done.

John Preis

Founder, Preis Consulting

With expertise in the following systems...

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We're ready to help your business reduce its spend... Are you?

Let's achieve your objectives and optimize your business's performance.

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